I'm Michael James Collier, a New Zealand based producer & composer of games, film and media.

From a young age I've always been drawn to music. Ever since I first played The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, I knew music would always be a part of my life. After years of classical training and studying music at the University of Auckland, I now write music for Games, Film and TV. Recently I've also begun to produce my own music, and that of various Auckland artists.


Bars & Tone (Short) - Yarden Elyashiv - 2014

Murdertown Mysteries (Short) - Edward Turnbull 2014

Syrenia (Short) - Fraser Grut 2014

Syrenia (Feature) - Fraser Grut 2015

Festival for the Future Theme - 2015

UoA Masters of Med Promotional - 2015

Bites (Tropfest) - Mia M & Florence L 2015

Lost Connection (Feature) - Edward Turnbull 2016

Desert Walking (Short) - Andy McEwan 2016

Chasing Marlon (Short) - Fraser Grut 2017

Reel Trouble (Audience Choice 48H FF) - Mike Kumagai 2017


Ranga Ginger Beer - Mike Kumagai 2015

Little Things Make a Difference - Mike Kumagai 2016 (Charity Promotional)

Property Bid - Mike Kumagai 2017

Rug Doctor - Mike Kumagai 2017


Indigo (Debut EP) - Indigo Band 2015

Circles (Single) - Valere 2018

Artwork: Dana Franklin (@doonadraws)